Q: How does Marvelous Mail work?

A: Marvelous mail is not an e-mail service. We help you register a domain and get, well, marvelous mail address. The key thing is, that we don't offer mail service - we just help you, using latest tools on the market, to get awesome mail address.


Q: Why do I need gmail account?

A: Well, you don't. The thing is that we feel it's simplest to setup google mail to handle your new mail address, but it actually doesn't matter. All you need is a mail provider - like your webhoster - and a mail client which can send e-mails on behalf of your new mail address.


Q: Is marvelous mail secure?

A: Sure thing! We do not store anything personal within our databases - we limit the ammount of data we have, to the lowest limit.


Q: Why is not my domain active?

A: After your registartion, we wait for the payment to reach our servers. Once we are notified of your payment, we register the domain on your behalf and afterwards, set your e-mail forwardings.


Q: What does 'resell domain' mean?

A: When you register a mail, you pay us only for the domain name + the service we provide you. For one price, you can have unlimited e-mails on that domain (ie. for your family.) However, you are still required to pay the domain price to us. But, if you succesfully resell domain, then your recurring payment will be postponed and you will get the domain name free.